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Custom Orthotics Toronto

A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look like insoles, but that is where the similarities end. Custom orthotics are bio-mechanical medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. They are individually fabricated over a three dimensional model of your foot. Custom orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes – they reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment.  Contact us today to find the right custom orthotics for you.

An AFO is brace that is designed to couple the foot and lower leg together in order to restore more optimum function to the entire lower extremity. AFO’s come in many different styles and are fabricated from a wide variety of materials including plastics, leather and carbon graphite. Very frequently these devices are custom made over a three dimensional model of a patient’s foot and leg and are prescribed and dispensed by health care practitioners. AFO’s are usually worn in extra depth shoes. Call Us Today to see if a Ankle-Foot Orthotic is right for you.


BODY BRACES are designed to provide extended support for targeted areas in post-operative conditions, as well as a preventative measure against various progressive nerve, muscle or joint conditions. Occupation-related prolonged activities and repetitive movements often lead to muscle, joint or nerve damage which may require medical attention. With the use of body braces you can avoid such conditions by providing your body with ongoing support, compression and stability.

Body braces and supports are carefully selected by our experienced physiotherapists to ensure excellent quality and maximal benefit for our patients. These products can assist in the treatment and management of both acute and chronic injuries and can help to accelerate healing and recovery in patients suffering from pain or injury. In addition, braces and supports are an excellent tool to help prevent injury, or injury aggravation, as well as decrease the likelihood of injury recurrence.


Common Braces include:



BACK BRACES: control and correct curvature, rotation and spinal imbalances


FOOT & ANKLE: guards against ankle sprains, provides support, compression as well as lateral and medial stability.

hand brace

HAND & WRIST: help recovery and support for wrist strains, wrist tendonitis and chronically weak wrists.










shoulder brace

SHOULDER: for collar bone injuries such as a fracture or acromioclavicular joint sprains.


ELBOW: used for the treatment of epicondylitis, tendonitis, general elbow pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow.

knee brace

KNEE, HIP & THIGH: The right treatment for every indication.








We offer a wide range of medical-grade compression socks and stockings which may be prescribed for individuals who experience swelling, varicose veins or muscle/joint fatigue.


Compression socks and stockings are extremely useful for those who are required to sit, stand or walk for a prolonged time. As with body braces, the use of compression socks/stocking can prevent the development of muscle, joint or nerve damage associated with repetitive and prolongs movements.




Beautiful, Brand Name, Orthopedic Shoes


Orthopedic shoes are specially designed shoes that provide consistent support and pain relief for people experiencing some type of lower body pain or discomfort (i.e., legs, foot). Whether you’re a competitive athlete, stand on your feet all day, or just wish you could be more comfortable in the shoes that you’re wearing, we offer a footwear plan that delivers more comfort, safety and improved sports performance. Ultimately, our goal is to satisfy your personal preferences, lifestyle and work needs.

The Function of Orthopedic Shoes

The Function of Orthopedic Shoes is to provide more support for your feet and ankles than is accomplished by basic footwear. The type of design for the shoes will vary, depending on the exact nature of the particular health problem the patient is faced with. For example, different types of orthopedic shoes would be used to provide relief for such condition as bunions, hammertoe, or fallen arches.

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